CS Table: "How to program in the real world"

At this week's Computer Science Table (at noon on Friday, October 18, in Rosenfield 224A), we will read a variety of 'blog posts about programming in the real world. The readings were suggested by our alumna Eryn O'Neil 2007. Eryn writes:

I've come up with a How To Program In the Real World series. They're short blog posts, not 5-10 page readings, but that's secretly part of the theme, too -- in the industry, the new ideas are circulated by blog, and if you're not reading them, you're behind.

Here is her list of suggested readings:

And, as a bonus (Eryn: I recommend skimming, not reading, but it's a classic):

  • Green, Roedy. How to write unmaintable code: ensure a job for life ;-). The hacker's choice, October 29, 2006.
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