CS Extra: Life and Career after Grinnell (Lessons from Alumni)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
4:15 p.m. in Science 2021

Note the different location and different day of the week: WEDNESDAY in Noyce 2021.

The CS department and the CLS are co-sponsoring an alumni panel on Life and Career and Diversity and Inclusion after Grinnell in Tech. The cast of players will include CSC 322 Mentors Cassie Koomjian '05, Alex Leach '06, Ian Young '08, and Terian Koscik '12; and Megan Goering '08 of Human Centered Design and her partner Joe Mellin of Microsoft. They will all give a brief description of their life and careers and then have time for questions and answers.

CS Table: "How to program in the real world"

At this week's Computer Science Table (at noon on Friday, October 18, in Rosenfield 224A), we will read a variety of 'blog posts about programming in the real world. The readings were suggested by our alumna Eryn O'Neil 2007. Eryn writes:

I've come up with a How To Program In the Real World series. They're short blog posts, not 5-10 page readings, but that's secretly part of the theme, too -- in the industry, the new ideas are circulated by blog, and if you're not reading them, you're behind.

Here is her list of suggested readings:

And, as a bonus (Eryn: I recommend skimming, not reading, but it's a classic):

  • Green, Roedy. How to write unmaintable code: ensure a job for life ;-). The hacker's choice, October 29, 2006.
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