CS Table/CSC 295, Oct. 8: Surveillance & TCP/IP Packet Structure

This Friday at CS Table, Simon and Jeff will present the information contained in packet headers and lead a continued discussion on network surveillance. We suggest the following reading (as much as you have interest or time for):

*ResNet Guidelines and Policies
*Ellen Nakashima, US seeks ways to wiretap the InternetWashington Post, Sept 27, 2010.
*Paul Ohm, When Network Neutrality Met Privacy, CACM 53(4):30-32, April 2010.
*Kristina Irion, International Communications Surveillance, CACM 52(2):26-28, Feb 2009.
*TCP Protocol Layers Explained, Dru Lavigne, ONLamp.com, March 14, 2001.
*Capturing TCP Packets, Dru Lavigne, ONLamp.com, March 21, 2001.
*IP Packets Revealed, Dru Lavigne, ONLamp.com, March 28, 2001.

As usual, we'll meet a little after noon in JRC 224A.

Students who are registered for CSC 295: We'll be doing sign-ups for after fall break. Please bring your calendars!

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