CS Table/CSC 295: Rural Education & Networking without a Network

This Friday, Jordan and Alex will lead a discussion on approaches to bringing network resources to education in rural communities. Please read the following: If you want to learn more, the CSC 295 site links to the research articles these stories report on. As usual, we meet a little after noon in JRC 224A. Hope to see you there!

CS Table/CSC 295, Oct. 8: Surveillance & TCP/IP Packet Structure

This Friday at CS Table, Simon and Jeff will present the information contained in packet headers and lead a continued discussion on network surveillance. We suggest the following reading (as much as you have interest or time for):

*ResNet Guidelines and Policies
*Ellen Nakashima, US seeks ways to wiretap the InternetWashington Post, Sept 27, 2010.
*Paul Ohm, When Network Neutrality Met Privacy, CACM 53(4):30-32, April 2010.
*Kristina Irion, International Communications Surveillance, CACM 52(2):26-28, Feb 2009.
*TCP Protocol Layers Explained, Dru Lavigne, ONLamp.com, March 14, 2001.
*Capturing TCP Packets, Dru Lavigne, ONLamp.com, March 21, 2001.
*IP Packets Revealed, Dru Lavigne, ONLamp.com, March 28, 2001.

As usual, we'll meet a little after noon in JRC 224A.

Students who are registered for CSC 295: We'll be doing sign-ups for after fall break. Please bring your calendars!

Computer Science Table, September 25: Software, Copyright, Patent, and Beyond

This week in Computer Science Table, we are exploring an intersection of software and the law. In particular, we're considering some issues of copyright and patent in software, and what those issues reveal about the U.S. intellectual property system.

Boyle, J. (2009). What intellectual property law should learn from software. Commun. ACM 52, 9 (Sep. 2009), 71-76. DOI=http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1562164.1562184

CS Table meets at noon on Fridays in JRC 224A. All are welcome. Computer science students and faculty are particularly encouraged to attend.

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