CS Table, Friday, September 4: Why Humanities Students Should Learn to Program

On Friday, September 4, the topic of CS Table is Why Humanities Students Should Learn to Program.

Kirschenbaum, Matthew. (2009). Hello World: Why Humanities Students Should Learn to Program. The Chronicle Review 55 (20), January 23, 2009, pp. B10-B12. Available online at http://chronicle.com/article/Hello-Worlds/5476/.

Copies of the reading are available outside Sam Rebelsky's office, Science 3824.

CS Table meets at noon in JRC 224A. All are welcome. However, computer science students and faculty are encouraged to attend.

CS Table: What I did this summer

The first meeting of Grinnell's "CS Table" will be this Friday, August 28, at noon in JRC224A. The topic of the first CS Table will be What I did this summer. Yeah, it's old hat, but we'd like the opportunity to catch up with everyone.

For this first meeting, the department will cover the cost for students not on board. Sign in at the ID station.

We look forward to seeing you there! (We also look forward to your suggestions for topics for CS table.)

Congratulations to our graduates!

The Computer Science majors of the class of 2009 are:

  • Ian Wolfcat Domhan Theocharis Atha
  • Trevor Allen Austin
  • Ian Miles Bone
  • Theodore Rhys Cooper
  • Emily Rose Jacobson
  • Jasmine Nicole Brittany Jarvis
  • Berendt Joel Kuipers
  • Kennon Richard Landis
  • Tony Leguia
  • Scott Michael McIntyre
  • Timothy Michael Miller
  • Arunabh Singh
  • Samuel Charles Tape

Congratulations to all!

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