Women in Computing / Computer Science Table: "People who make a difference"

The reading for this Friday's session of Women in Computing / CS Table is

Gloria Childress Townsend. 2002. People who make a difference: mentors and role models. SIGCSE Bull. 34, 2 (June 2002), 57-61. DOI=10.1145/543812.543831

Computer Science Table is a weekly meeting of Grinnell College community members (students, faculty, staff, etc.) interested in discussing topics related to computing and computer science. CS Table meets Fridays at noon in the Day PDR (the first PDR at the top of the stairs in the Marketplace/Cafeteria, also known as Rosenfield 224A). Faculty, staff, and students on meal plans are expected to pay the cost of their meals. Students not on meal plans can charge their meals to the department.