MathLAN workstations

The networked computers and printers that compose MathLAN are named for famous mathematicians, computer scientists, and physicists. The links below provide biographical information about them.



MathLAN's remote-login server is named for Michael Leonidas Dertouzos.

Our file server is named for John von Neumann.

Our Web, database, and code repository server is named for Paul Baran.

Our archive server is named for Betty Jean Jennings Bartik.

The machines that provide the Network Information Service and domain-name service are named for Cuthbert Corwin Hurd and Philippe Flajolet.

Our license manager is named for Arthur John Robin Gorell Milner.

Our Network Information Service domain is named for Archimedes of Syracuse.


MathLAN's printers are named for Maurits Cornelius Escher and Leonardo da Vinci, who frequently incorporated mathematical themes into their works.

Additional workstations

Some research-lab computers that are not fully configured as MathLAN workstations are nevertheless served by our network and named as part of the or domain.

For historical reasons, MathLAN also includes a research-lab workstation named cumulus.

The inactive list

Some names previously applied to workstations and other components of MathLAN are not currently in use: