Steve Cunningham

Affiliation: Noyce Visiting Professor
Contribution type: Donor
Biographical information:

Steve received a 2004 ACM SIGGRAPH Award for Outstanding Service. The citation reads:

Steve started his SIGGRAPH career by responding to a call for volunteers to work on SIGGRAPHʼs education activities. He helped start SIGGRAPHʼs Education Committee and was a principal in its development. He developed an education directory and contributed to developing a career handbook, educatorsʼ conference grants, and the SIGGRAPH 91 education program.

He has been a significant contributor to the development of computer graphics curricula in computer science and has led or developed a number of computer graphics education workshops around the world. He has also contributed to several ACM/IEEE computer science curricula.

Steve has made major contributions to SIGGRAPHʼs publications, including the smaller conference proceedings as mainstream publications; pioneering new publications such as the conference Visual Proceedings; creating SIGGRAPHʼs first electronic publications; and implementing new publication technologies.

Steve has served as Chair of SIGGRAPHʼs Education Committee, Director for Publications, and SIGGRAPH Chair and Past Chair. He has been a significant contributor to SIGGRAPHʼs administrative organization, strategic planning, and international outreach. He has also contributed to several activities of the ACM SIGs.

When asked what SIGGRAPH activities he was most proud of, Steve noted the development of SIGGRAPHʼs education activities, the growth in content, quality, and reach of SIGGRAPHʼs publications, and SIGGRAPHʼs global outreach and collaborations. Steve has served on the faculty of the University of Kansas, Birmingham-Southern College, and California State University Stanislaus, and was a Visiting Scientist at the San Diego Supercomputing Center. He is now a Program Director in the Division of Undergraduate Education at the National Science Foundation.

He has received the Outstanding Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities award from CSU Stanislaus and was named as Gemperle Distinguished Professor at CSU Stanislaus in 2001. He was elected a Fellow of Eurographics in 1998 for his work in building the collaboration between SIGGRAPH and Eurographics.

Steve received a BA in mathematics from Drury College, MA and PhD in mathematics from the University of Oregon, and a MS in computer science from Oregon State University.