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10/100 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

This Fast Ethernet Desktop PCI Adapter includes advanced features such as Wake-on-LAN and IEEE 802.3x support. Computers and operating systems that support Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) can remotely wake your PC from anywhere…

Fast Ethernet Adapter
Fast Etherney Adapter User's Manual

10/100 PCI Network Interface Cards User Guide

Donor:  Anonymous

This guide describes how to install, configure, and troubleshoot the following 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI interface cards: 3C905B-TX, 3C905B-TX-M, 3C905B-TX-NM, 3C905B-COMBO, 3C905B-FX(SC).

Reference: 10/100 PCI NIC…

Ethernet User's Guide

1702 EPROMs

Donor:  Anonymous

Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. Form of memory that could be erased and reprogrammed, unlike earlier forms of ROM that could only be programmed once. The data could be erased by shining an ultraviolet light on the chip that is exposed…

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26-wire Ribbon Cable

Donor:  Anonymous

Ribbon cable provides parallel wires to connect computer equipment; often 26-wire ribbon cable connects computers to printers.

This 26-wire ribbon cable has a 32-pin SCSI connector (blue) at one end and a 28-pin printer connector at…

26-wire ribbon cable

6250 BPI Spectrum Reel Tape

Donor:  Anonymous

A magnetic reel tape made by Memory Media with 6250 BPI. BPI stands for bits per inch and it specifies the data density that a magnetic reel can hold.


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86/380 Intel Computer Notebook

Donor:  Cadmus

The notebook starts on April 29, 1983 and continues until August 18, 2000. The notes consist mostly of day by day activities of the 86/380 Intel computer in the Grant O' Gale Observatory. The notebook starts at the installation of iRMX operating…

Front of Notebook
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