Glimmer Labs: People

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Samuel A. Rebelsky. SamR directs Glimmer labs and has a hand in most of the projects.

Current Research Students

Marsha Fletcher '15.

Alexandra Greenberg '16.

Evan Manuela '16.

Spencer Liberto '15.

Jennelle Nystrom '14.

Lea Marolt Sonnenschein '15.

Daniel Torres '15.

Christine Tran '15.

Kimberly Spasaro '14.



Janet Davis. Dr. Davis served as a guest faculty member in Glimmer Labs during her first year at Grinnell. At the time, she worked closely on an early version of the Mediascripting project.

Post-Bac Researchers

Soren Berg. Soren spent a year working on the Mediascripting project, primarily on the IDE used for the first major Mediascripting implementation. His IDE was used for about six years by hundreds of students in Grinnell's CSC151 course.

Grinnell Students


Other Students

Zarni Htet. Zarni visited Glimmer labs from Cornell College in Summer 2012. Zarni contributed to the new architecture for mediascript (named RAMS, for both Re-Architecting Media Script and the Cornell college mascot).

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